Slate Cleaning Somerton- Secrets of Professional Slate Restoration

Slate floor tiles are instantly recognizable due to their rustic appearance and natural beauty. Although they can be easily identifiable, they offer huge variety through differing colours, shaped tiles and sizing. This allows the ability to create a unique and vibrant space in any area of your home. Slate tiles are also incredibly popular in commercial settings also due to their natural slip-resistant surface.
Professional Slate Cleaning Somerton and Slate Restoration Gawler specialists will have the time-served knowledge required to restore this functional, but sometimes delicate natural stone. They will be equipped with trade products and industrial machinery that will improve the cleaning times and ensure that the job is completed to the best possible finish. Slate is well-known, if not looked after, to slight flaking or cracking. So what are the secrets you need to know?
Do not waste your time using inferior cleaning products as these will often break down any existing seal that may be present on the tiles. They have, as well, been known to damage tiles, leaving them needing an even more intensive restoration process. Using an expert will eliminate this concern completely as they will have stone-specific products to clean, seal and restore your flooring to its originally laid condition.
Another secret is the preparation prior to the cleaning work taking place. All possessions, furniture, skirting, walls and fire-surrounds must be completely covered before commencing any part of the cleaning process. Your chosen specialist will have specially adapted sheeting that will keep any cleaning fluid or dirt from damaging anything.
A slate restoration specialist will use industrial strength rotary machinery, drying machines and other cleaning tools. The general cleaning process may not vary from expert to expert but each individual professional will have their own understanding and appreciation of slate which will mean the best-served companies will employ their trade secrets to offer superior restoration results.
Slate tiles are never polished due to their texture and this process is not required for this stone type. Sealing the tiles is, however, an incredibly important part of the process and a specialist, colour-enhancing sealer should be used to ensure the results are long-lasting.
Having an insight into the secrets of a Slate Restoration Adelaide specialist can only leave you feeling more confident about employing a local, reputable company to complete your slate cleaning work. They will take time to discuss the above elements and will offer further information on routine maintenance that will likely leave you as a customer for life.
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